Pfizer has recently updated our grant making process. If you are applying for an Independent Medical Grant with any type of funding attached, or applying for drug supply support for a clinical trial, please visit for more information, and to be directed to our new application portal.

If you are applying for Pure Compound only (with no funding attached) for pre-clinical research, please click ‘Login/Register’ on the top right of this page to access INSPIIRE to apply. If funding is part of your pre-clinical request, please visit link above.

We ask that any progress reports for any active study be held until March. If the progress report is urgent (and payment is expected based on report), please submit to [email protected].


The mission and purpose of the Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) Program,the Compound Transfer Program (CTP) is to provide support for investigator-initiated research that advances medical and scientific knowledge about our products and that generates promising medical interventions. This global program is open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research.

Pfizer support is typically provided in the manner of funding, and/or drug (either formulated or pure compound).

Eligibility Criteria

For general eligibility criteria and submission requirements for the IIR and CTP Programs click here We suggest you contact Pfizer Medical Representative prior to submission to the IIR and CTP programs. For assistance email us at: [email protected]

Clinical Trial Data

To learn more about access to Pfizer Clinical Trial Data (patient level) click here.



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Welcome to the new INSPIIRE Portal, click here for a helpful guide to navigate how to login to our new website.

Attention Competitive Grant submitters (e.g. ASPIRE):

To submit a competitive grant proposal please log in on the top right of the Homepage.
Once you create a proposal please select IIR and then answer yes to the first question "Are applying for a competitive grant".
You will then see a listing of all current competitive grants available and you may select one.

Investigators from RUSSIA: Due to updated privacy law, Russian Investigators must first submit their application to a Pfizer local country office colleague before submitting on the portal.  If you do not have a local country contact, please email [email protected]

Please email us at: [email protected] for assistance with INVESTIGATOR INITIATED RESEARCH or COMPOUND TRANSFER REQUESTS  

ATTENTION HIV/Maraviroc Requests: Please contact [email protected]